Every single parent, grand parent, older sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin, sitter, and teacher has been in this exact spot. The dreaded spot when a baby starts grabbing out for and grasping paper, paper books, notebooks, etc.

At first, it's cute and adorable and we are all like:
"Awwww look at little Suzie, she is so cute playing with that piece of paper."

"Look how happy baby Johnny is! Who knew a piece of paper could make a baby smile so much!"

Then comes the dread... the fear of doubt creeps into our minds...
...but what if baby Lucy tears a piece off in her mouth.
What if little Henry get a piece lodged in his throat, what if he swallows it?

What it Annie cuts herself and starts bleeding?

Babies LOVE paper! They love the touch and the sound of it.
That is why Baby Paper was created!

A safe alternative to plain paper, that can really and truly hurt our precious little ones, Baby Paper is soft, with the same pleasures of regular paper that babies love!

Baby Paper is not only a toy for entertainment, it is also a learning tool to help in the development of your baby's fine motor skills. It is through a baby's hands that they demonstrate the link between thought and action. Reaching, grasping, shaking, transferring from hand to hand and/or hand to mouth, it all shows cause and effect. Baby Paper also helps your little one perfect the pincer grasp, which will help them be able to feed themselves independently and to grasp smaller objects, down the road.

While the touch and sound of Baby Paper is exciting to some, it is also calming to others, especially special needs babies and children, and adults with dementia.

Baby Paper is the perfect add on to compliment any gift.

As a bonus, Baby Paper can be used as an accent to your gift presentation. As a bow, Baby Paper ties together any package with the utmost cuteness possible!


  • Size: Approximately 6" x 6"
  • Thread and Fabric: Polyester
  • Crinkle Paper: Polyester Film
  • Baby Paper has Passed ALL CPSIA Requirements.

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