Little People Deserve Big People Shades.

ro•sham•bo baby was created after the realization of the lack of high quality, stylish baby sunglasses available for purchase.

Located in San Diego, California, ro•sham•bo baby has expanded to offer everyone in the family 100% UVA/B/C rays sunglasses made in Italy. The shades are flexible AND durable. The soft material of ro•sham•bo baby sunglasses are BPA-free and specially designed for baby's use and abuse.

Why is a sunglass company named ro•sham•bo? Good question!

ro•sham•bo is a reference to the nostalgic game “rock, paper, scissor,” which pays tribute to ro•sham•bo baby's autism support mission. Special education and autism teachers have expressed playing "rock, paper, scissor" can be a valuable teaching tool when kids need a quiet, calming, and personal interaction with others.

A portion of all sales is donated to the Autism Research Institute and Surfers Healing. You can learn more about their work and programs at:
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Sunglasses - Adult Shades - Buller Black - L/XL
Sunglasses - Junior Shades - Goonies Teal
Adult Shades - Goonies Teal - L/XL
Sunglasses - Baby Shades -  Kelly Kapowski Pink
Sunglasses - Adult Shades - Ice Ice Baby White - L/XL
Sunglasses - Adult Shades - Zack Morris Blue L/XL
Sunglasses - Baby Shades -  Zack Morris Blue
Sunglasses - Baby Shades - Goonies Teal
Sunglasses - Junior Shades - Mcfly Red
Sunglasses - Baby Shades -  Slimer Bright Green
Junior Shades - Kelly Kapowski Pink
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